Adventure Camp DC


Frequently Asked Questions


When do I Pay?

Camp Payments are due before camp services are provided. Parents can pay in advance for any weeks of camp. Payment for each week of camp must be paid before Monday morning of that week. Parents can pay in advance for any weeks of camp.


What is your refund policy?

Parents can receive a refund for unused, prepaid camp tuition (not including non-refundable deposit). To request a refund, notify us about the days or weeks your camper will not be able to attend. Refund requests must be submitted more than one week in advance through an e-mail to Verbal notifications do not qualify as advance notice.

Parents cannot receive a refund or pro-rated camp fees for sick days or for last minute drop outs  since we still have to staff and buy tickets assuming your child will be there.


How do I register?

Use the registration form on this site to enroll your child in Adventure Camp and send your deposit by mail or paypal to secure your spot in Adventure Camp. There is a $20 non-refundable application fee to enroll your child in camp and a 50% discount for every additional sibling.


How do you travel around D.C.?

We love D.C. Metro. We actively use the local buses and metrorail. When we head to places in the neighborhood, we take the opportunity to get some exercise and walk.

Relying on public transportation and walking makes the journey part of the adventure for our campers. Kids learn about the city around them and how to listen and behave in public spaces. Safety is our top concern while traveling, and our staff makes sure that kids have fun and stay secure on the go.


Do you have insurance?

Yes. Adventure Camp is fully insured by Westpoint Insurance Group, and it has been certified to operate out of D.C. Public Schools.


What ages can attend?

Adventure Camp serves children from ages 3-8. We have found that mixing ages works very well to create a sense of community. Older kids get to demonstrate responsibility, and younger kids enjoy having older friends they can look up to.

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